Jim Walker's Folding Wing Glider was called the Interceptor and produced by American Junior Aircraft

The American Junior Folding Wing Glider
Jim Walker's Interceptor

Jim Walker's Army Interceptor, the first folding wing clider

The time was the late 1930's and aviation was still experiencing it's growth from infancy. Model airplane enthusiasts were building rubber powered model planes and balsa hand launch gliders. Ignition engine models were strictly for free-flight and U-Control was still to be developed when Jim Walker came out with the catapult launch folding wing glider. The result of his experimentation and design was the Army Interceptor in 1939.

There was nothing like the Army Interceptor on the market at that time and it became an immediate success. This is one of the few model airplanes that can lay claim to really being a war bird as it was commisioned for service during WWII. The popularity of the American Junior Interceptor was to last for many years. We look at the history of the folding wing glider from the "Army" Interceptor to the reproductions produced by Frank Macy.


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