Rocket Glider by Rick Schertle

Folding Wing Rocket Glider by Rick Schertle, based on Jim Walker concept
Rick Schertle had this model come to mind in late 2011. Based on his memories of the Florio Flyer XP-1 Rocket Plane, he created this laser cut Rocket Glider. Rick is a teacher and writes part-time for a do-it-yourself magazine called MAKE.  It has an online circulation of 250k.
Original Florio Flyer XP-1 Rocket Plane
Here is the original Florio Flyer XP-1 Rocket Plane that was the template for Rick Schertle's new reproduction. Looks like Rick got it pretty close to the original. (Photo courtesy of Dave Pecota)
Rocket Glider and 404 Interceptor comparison of two folding wing planes
Here is Rick Schertle's Rocket Glider sitting next to an American Junior "404" Interceptor. The "404" was the inspiration behind the Florio Flyer XP-1 "Rocket Plane" design.

Rick's plans and kits for the Rocket Glider are now available from In a recent e-mail, Rick says "I presented the glider at Maker Faire last weekend (5-26-2012) and sold more than 1000 kits!  I would say it's off to a really good start." A nice tribute to the original Jim Walker Interceptor.

Folding Wing Rocket Glider
Pivot Pin for Rocket Glider
Folding wing mechanism based on the Jim Walker design from 1939.
Pivot pin is cut from Plexiglass and rotates freely in the laser cut hole.
Rocket Glider inspited by Florio Flyer
Plexiglass pivot pin for Rocket Plane
Pivot mechanism works smoothly and is very reliable.
Here is a detail of the Plexiglass pivot pin and straddle wire.

Folding wing rocket plane inspired by Rick Schertle's memories of the Florio Flyer XP-1 Rocket plane
Here is the Rocket Glider ready for launch. This is an early prototype sent to me by Rick Schertle early in 2012. Also, he has posted plans at on how to make your own Rocket Glider.


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