A-J Classics 404 Interceptor

Ted Browning builds the Folding Wing Interceptor

Ted Browning folding wing Interceptor
Ted Browning has built some beautiful "404" Interceptor replicas and shares the production process he created to produce them.
Ted Browning with his folding wing gliders
Here is Ted Browning with a squadron of his folding wing Interceptors from 2011
Routing wings for the folding wing glider
Jig and template for routing the wings
Finished routed fuselage for Interceptor
Routing is complete on this fuselage
Horizontal stabilizer slot cut in Interceptor fuselage
Stabilizer slot is cut by tilting fuselage into blade.
404 Interceptor hardware made by Ted Browning
Ted also produced all the metal parts needed to finish the model.

Cutting sheet metal for wing support
punching hols in wing support
Cutting sheet aluminum wing support
Hole punch cuts out the glue holes
bending sheet metl for 404 Interceotor wing
Wire pivot pin made by Ted Browning for replica Interceptor
Part is bent on angle stock
Wire wing pivot pin replicates
original patent design
Folding wing patent detail
Folding wing patent shows wire pivot pin
Original Jim Walker patent from 1939
Jim Walker used same wire pivot pin
in his original patent

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