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Air Rocket Glider by Rick Schertle

Watch the video here: Air Rocket Glider page on Kickstarter

Air Rocket Glider and Army Interceptor

Rick Schertle has come up with another folding wing glider, this time a rocket propelled by compressed air. Here it is shown with the model that started it all back in 1939, the Army Interceptor. Rick is hoping to produce the tooling to mass produce the parts needed. Please support Rick's efforts by going to his Kickstarter funding page for a lot more information: Air Rocket Glider - Kickstarter page - The time to fund this project is short and the cut off date is June 14th, 2014 - please check it out and pass the word.

Air Rocket article in MAKE magazine
Here is a photo from the June/July 2014 edition of MAKE: Magazine
More information on the Air Ricket Glider and funding effort at

Wings folded, ready for launch.
Wings snapped into place and ready to glide.

Jim Walker's daughter, Valerie, holding the rocket gliders
Jim Walker's youngest daughter is holding two of Rick Schertle's Rocket Gliders. Check out his air rocket community at

The following is an e-mail message from Rick Schertle from May 28, 2014 that provides more info on his efforts:

As you may know, I've been involved in Air Rocket development for the past seven years. We'll, we've finalized a couple of new designs that are currently available on Kickstarter. Whether it's for you, a friend, or relative, we have a newly designed Air Rocket Launcher v2.0, first of its kind Air Rocket Glider and classic Folding-Wing Glider. Support levels range from $1 to $110 and they will only be available for two more weeks. Thanks for considering supporting your inventor friend and please pass this along to someone you know who also might be interested. Details and bit of our story is below:


Air Rocket Glider and Compressed Air Rocket v2.0 at Air Rocket Works

Ever since the Compressed Air Rocket debuted on the pages of MAKE: Magazine in 2008, it's been wildly popular and the v1.0 kit has been a bestseller. Now, the next generation of launcher and the first-of-its-kind Air Rocket Glider have been released.  Kits for both are available for a very limited time on Kickstarter (Launch Something! - Air Rocket Toys from Air Rocket Works!) with shipping in mid to late summer. With flights well over 200', this is fun, easy, low-cost and education way to learn about rocketry and other things that fly.

Both the Air Rocket Launcher v2.0 (now made of industrial steel and wood and builds with just a wrench in 30 minutes) and Air Rocket Glider were well received at Maker Faire this year with well over 2000 rockets made and launched in the South Lot "Fly Zone." It's been an award winner the past six years in New York, Detroit and the Bay Area. This year was no exception, winning the new Best in Class Award!

The Air Rocket Glider was also featured in the latest issue of  Rick Schertle, project designer, spoke at Maker Faire about the history of both projects on the MAKE: Live Stage and his collaboration with maker Keith Violette.

Keith is a mechanical engineer from the East Coast and Rick a middle school teacher and writer for MAKE: in California. They are both maker dads and have formed an online partnership based on their love for tinkering and things that fly. Together, they are actively building a collaborative air rocket community at their new website: and hope you will join!

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