A-J Classics 404 Interceptor

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The Interceptor II was developed in 2014. New version based on
Jim Walkers 1947 version for the 404 Interceptor.
Folding Wing 404 Interceptor II redesigned for 2014
We are experimenting with an update to the plastic folding wing mechanism that allows the Interceptor II's fuselage to be modified as seen below. The results are a fuselage more closely resembling the original A-J 404 Interceptor. We are hoping these new changes work out, as the previous version, without the straddle wire, was difficult to trim for a good glide. We are looking for "Test Pilots" and feedback on the design changes.

404 Interceptor II fuselage updates for 2014
Here is a comparison of the new Interceptor II fuselage for 2014 with the 2013 version. Gone is the wing pivot slot and ball bearing nose weight. Also note that the pivot point for the wing has been lowered back close to it's appropriate place. The fuselage is now 1/16" thicker than the 2013 model, back to the original 1/4" thickness of the 1947 model, this allowed us to go back to the hidden nose weight like the original.
Folding wing Interceptor II now has the straddle wire for wing angle adjustment
The wing straddle wire is back just like the original model. We found there was room to drill into the plastic and insert the wire. With the wire in place, the foreward pivot support that required the large slot cut in the fuselage, could be removed. This modification also allowed the wing to be lowered to a better looking placement. A BIG plus, the wire can be bent to change the angle of the wing.
Here are the original adjustment instructions from the 404 Interceptor box from Jim Walker. These adjustments now apply to the new model using the straddle wire.
Original 1947 "404" Interceptor designed by Jim Walker
Here is a photo of the original "404" Interceptor produced in 1947. Notice that the wing is flat where the straddle wire is inserted. On the 2014 model, the plastic wing pivot holds the camber in the wing so there is more lift close to the fuselage.
404 Interceptor II, both 2013 and 2014 versions
A nose to nose comparison of the 2013 version on the left and the 2014 version on the right. The fuselage of the new 2014 version is a lot stronger without the slot. You will also note that the blue ink has been darkened and is closer to the original.


The A-J Classics Store is closed until further notice. We are not currently making new planes.


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