Frank Macy's 2004 Replica
Military Catapult Launcher for the
American Junior Army Interceptor

Frank Macy stands before his recreation of the U.S. Military launcher for the Army Interceptor. This device was last used for catapult launching the folding wing glider 300 feet into the air so the World War II gunners would have a moving target in the air that simulated the real thing, an enemy aircraft. Now it is 60 years later and the little Army Interceptor is about to get a lift into the air again. Only this time, the model plane will be treated with respect and and allowed to fly on the wind unassulted by bullets.

Scott Griffith, A-J videographer, checks the launcher set-up for a good camera angle.

Close up views of the Interceptor in launching position.

Play the video above to see the launcher in action.

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