American Junior Classics FireWire Newsletter is dedicated to stories of American Junior Aircraft and Jim Walker

Welcome to American Junior Classics newsletter archives for the FireWire. These archives are where you will find past issues of the A-J Classics FireWire and stories of American Junior and Jim Walker. Please sign up to get updates on product availability and new DVD releases as well as a lot of exclusive American Junior history, Jim Walker information & photographs.


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Volume 1 - Brief History of the A-J Interceptor

Volume 2 - Early History of the Firebaby

Volume 3 - A-J Store Opens - Fireball Story

Volume 4 - Electric Firebaby - Sonic Glider

Volume 5 - Super Firecat & Hornet 2X

Volume 6 - Pursuit, 74 Fighter, Firebabies

Volume 7 - A-J Kids, Folding Wing Rockets

Volume 8 - Stick & Tissue Fireballs, R/C Pursuit

Volume 9 - Firebaby II, Electric Fireball

Volume 10 - Jim Walker 101st Birthday

Volume 11 - Chuck Hein A-J Photo Album

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