Jim Walker of American Junior Aircraft was an innovator in early control Line model aviation as well as many inventions and patents in and out of the model aviation hobby

Welcome to Jim Walker's Workshop

Jim Walker, born in 1904, died in 1958 and left 31 patents, which bring him to the forefront of model aircraft industry inventors. Jim's inventions include the two wire U-Control flying system, the sonic-controlled glider, the American Junior Folding Wing Interceptor, the U-Reely hand control and more.

We will look at Jim Walker the Inventor and examine some of his experiments and patents. Jim had a diversity of interests so some of these subjects are not model aviation oriented, but very interesting nonetheless. Here is Jim Walker the dreamer...

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Our first entry in the Workshop will take a look at the history behind the Control Line system called U-Control.
Our second entry looks at the unique Jim Walker system called Sonic Control.

Jim Walker's patent for U-Control his system of control line flyingThe Patent for U-Control

Sonic Control Glider by Jim WalkerSonic Control Glider

Folding Wing Glider - the american junior interceptor patent papersFolding Wing Glider Patent

Jim Walker whip power U-Control flying with balsa model airplanesWhip Power U-Control Flying

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