Jim Walker's model 74 Fighter was  his favorite balsa wood demonstration glider

American Junior "74" Fighter

Jim Walker's 74 Fighter - his most popular demonstration glider

74 Fighter from Jim Walker's American Junior Airctaft Company

Stunts for Jim Walker's 74 Fighter

Below we see a display box from 1954 with 50 model "74" Fighters

Box of 50 balsa model 74 fighters from anerican junior

Box of model 74 Fighter balsa parts from 1954

Here we see one of a kind Frank Macy creation,
the "74" Fighter Folding Wing Glider:

Folding Wing Model 74 Fighter from Frank Macy

Folding Wing Catapult Launch 74 Fighter from Frank Macy

Frank says this model is very fast. Jim Walker was working on a folding wing model
"74" Fighter before his death in 1958.

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