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Complete set of Fireball Plans

Sorry out of Fireball Plans. Not planning on any future printings.

7 Pages 24" x 36", Rolled and Shipped Priority Mail
NEW: including plans for a stick and tissue 1940 version for R/C or Free Flight

Plan set for the Jim Walker Fierball U-Control control line plane
The American Junior Aircraft Company never produced "plans" for the Fireball. They did provide assembly instructions and illustrations, plus flying instructions with each kit. Here you see a profile post-war Fireball that Frank Macy built using these plans. You can build an original Fireball or more easily build a profile version from any these plans. Don't wait any longer
to build a Fireball of your own, these plans are all you need to get started.
Fireball plans by Frank Macy of American Junior Classics
Fireball plans come with a gum backed copy of the original Fireball label, suitable for framing or using on a box of your own. Just wet the back and it will self-adhere. You also get a set of water mount decals for the pre-war Fireball.
Fireball plans are certified by American Junior Aircraft Company illustratorEugene Kleiner
Eugene Kleiner, original technical illustrator and designer for Jim Walker and the American Junior Aircraft Company, personally inspected, inked and signed the pre-war Fireball plans in November of 1982. This is as official and accurate as it gets.

What you get in the Fireball Plan Set

All four production versions of the Fireball, both pre-war and post-war. Sheets are 24" by 36", rolled so there are no creases.

Also includes several modeler's modifications, such as, Cal Smith's Fireball Bi-Plane.

Copies of all assembly instructions and illustrations produced by American Junior, 54 illustrations.

How-U-Do instruction sheet for the Super Stunt Fireball

Fireball directions for assembly

Additional flying instructions and illustrations

Pre-war box label and water mount decals

Now including plans for a stick and tissue 1940 version for R/C or Free Flight


Fireball Plans are currently not available.



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