American Junior Classics Store Item: Ceiling Walker

Return of the American Junior Ceiling Walker
The A-J Classics Store is closed until further notice. We are not currently making new planes.

The Ceiling Walker returns at American Junior Classics, a Jim Walker modelThe Ceiling Walker is a helicopter model that Jim Walker produced from the late 1940's until the closing of American Junior in the mid 1960's. Now after 50 years, with a brief period of experimentation by Frank Macy in the 1980's, we are bringing it back in a limited run here at American Junior Classics.

Two models are being produced, the Classic Ceiling Walker, that has the same basic dimensions as the original model but using a plastic prop hanger instead of the original metal version. The stick supporting the props has been strengthend. The propellers are the same dimensions as the original.

The other model is what we are calling the Super Ceiling Walker. We are using surplus original American Junior prop hangers designed for the X-10 rubber powered plane and repurposing them to hold the larger 10 inch prop (the original prop is 8 inch). Our test flights of the Super Ceiling Walker were impressive and this model is recommended for outdoor flights.

The production is done by hand and only in limited quantity. Both models use surplus original American Junior prop hangers, while supplies last. Each model will be built as the order is received.

Original Ceiling Walker packaging and original model
The different packaging styles of the original Ceiling Walker, just under 20 years of production.

The NEW Classic Ceiling Walker and the Super Ceiling Walker

Watch the first test flights of the new Classic Ceiling Walker and the Super Ceiling Walker.

Super and Classic Ceiling Walkers
The Super Ceiling Walker has 10" props, while the original has 8" props.

The Classic Ceiling Walker is the same size as the original model

Original Jim Walker Ceiling Walker and new Classic version
New prop hangers for the Classic Ceiling Walker
Classic and Original Ceiling Walker prop hangers. The fuselage stick is slightly larger & stronger.
Original A-J prop hangers cut down to fit CW stick and is held in place using aluminum tape.

The new larger model is called the Super Ceiling Walker

Super Ceiling Walker and X-10 model plane
The Super Ceiling Walker uses original stock American Junior prop hangers that were used on the X-10 model in the early 1960's.Here the X-10 is shown with our prototype Super Ceiling Walker.


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